‘The End of Evangelion’ and Stan Brakhage

The film The End of Evangelion doesn’t open with the normal logo of production house Studio Gainax. Their typically unremarkable, austere card is replaced by the studio’s name briefly appearing in a lower corner of the screen, scratchy and erratically vibrating. Most people won’t think anything of this change (especially not considering the film that Continue reading ‘The End of Evangelion’ and Stan Brakhage

Ko-Fi Request: ‘Scorpio Rising’

Kenneth Anger was so far ahead of his time. He was the original “feeling sad n horny 2day :/” poster. But since he was born in the 1920s, he had to resort to making massively influential experimental films instead. It’s such a shame. Think of the tweets we missed out on. In all seriousness, Scorpio Rising Continue reading Ko-Fi Request: ‘Scorpio Rising’