‘Phoenix’: The Best Imitation of Myself

She first sees herself in a shard of broken glass, laid so perfectly amid the rubble of a bombed-out concert hall that it might have been placed there for her, for this moment. She’s shocked, she jolts, she steps back, and then she stares. She stares at this face that isn’t hers, this person she Continue reading ‘Phoenix’: The Best Imitation of Myself

Ko-Fi Request: Truth and Performance in ‘Gone Girl’

This article was based on a request from one of my patrons on ko-fi. For $3, you can recommend a film for me to watch and write an article about! Visit this link if interested! He just can’t help himself. He’s up on a stage, the crowd below, fighting for his attention. Camera shutters snap Continue reading Ko-Fi Request: Truth and Performance in ‘Gone Girl’